Setting the tone 5 - Gabriel Paiuk

Datum: 19-3-2015
Plaats: Utrechts Conservatorium, K1.08, Mariaplaats 27, Utrecht
Tijd: 19.00 uur

Free entry 

In the fifth edition of Setting the Tone, composer Gabriel Paiuk will give a lecture and workshop about our everyday listening experiences related to devices of technological sound reproduction.

In his lecture, Gabriel will give an introduction to how our lives are surrounded the presence of sound media and their embedded cultural and material conditions.

In the workshop we will deal with sound technology in a way which aims at exposing these conditions. Together we will investigate how particular characteristics of media and their technical characteristics infuse our listening, and how sound can be organised in diverse ways to focus on this aspect. For this we will operate with diverse loudspeakers in diverse constellations and spatial distributions, and will superimpose diverse methods of sound production.

Musicians are welcome to bring their instruments!

About Setting the Tone
Setting the Tone is a new monthly series of events at HKU Conservatory initiated by HKU Research Centre Performative Processes (RECPEP).
We focus on performance practice of our present time, regardless of style, genre or period. We want to give attention to today’s practice, experience it, investigate it, discuss about it and sketch its possible future(s). The series aims to set the tone for research into performativity and music at HKU Conservatory. At Setting the Tone we regard the guests and the audience as a community that brings forth the event together.
Come and join us setting the tone!