HKU Fuse Factory - November session

Datum: 8-11-2018
Plaats: Café 't Oude Pothuys, Oudegracht 279, Utrecht
Tijd: 22.00-01.00

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Fuse Factory fuses musicians together by making them play!

HKU Fuse Factory is a Thursday-night jam where all years of HKU Conservatory fuse together. Two bands open the session at 22.00 and then, the jam session begins. Fuse Factory takes place every second thursday of the month. The first band is formed with first year students and the second one is a 2nd->4th year combo. Everybody is welcome to join the stage and play any genre you like. We look forward to seeing you and listening to you music!

Band 1:
Amos Weislib - Drums
Jerom van der Laar Wijen - Bass
Frerick den Haan - Keys
Edwin van den Dool- Gitaar
Koen Guijtjens - Vocals
Willem Abelen - Saxofoon

Band 2:
David Mathas - Drums
Yaresh Soekhlal - Bass
Tom Bouwmeister - Gitaar
Naut de Bruin - Keys
Jan Lobee - Saxofoon
Bram van de Glind - Trompet