About HKU Media

A good story always begins with a good idea. But how do you come up with that idea? And how do you make sure that it will captivate an audience? This, and more, is what you’ll learn at HKU Media.

HKU Media

A good story starts with a good idea. But how do you depict this idea? And how do you manage to reach an audience with that? You learn that at HKU Media.

Our programmes

At HKU Media you create meaningful experiences and stories in different situations for a range of audiences.

It’s important to us that you can make full use of multiple media platforms can apply the latest technological and artistic insights. We will help you search for new forms of storytelling to convey your distinctive, artistic and poignant stories in the most powerful way possible.

HKU Media offers three streams:
  • Moving image (including film, video, projection)
  • Still image (graphic, photography, installation, illustration, artifacts)
  • Digital

These streams are reflected in the HKU Media programmes, which you can read about below:
  • Do you want to be an animator, or an animations director or designer? If so, Animation is the programme for you.

    Sparked by your imagination, you will explore a range of narrative forms and techniques. After the first year, you will specialise in 2D or 3D animations.
  • Audiovisual Media prepares you for a future as a creative maker of films, whether documentary, fiction and experimental. You develop your talent for telling stories though image and sound.
  • Graphic Design trains you to become a versatile, critical and engaged expert in visual communications. You use image and text to give form to communication, using any medium: digital, object, print, a concept or combinations of these.
  • Illustration trains you as a professional illustrator. You can use illustrations to comment on the world around. How you do this says something about your take on society and current events.
  • Image and Media Technology trains you as a designer and storymaker with your own distinctive stamp – in video, animation and design. The programme lets you experiment, design and innovate using current art, media and film techniques to visualise stories that will touch and activate your audience.
  • You want your images to be seen and have impact. In Photography, we can help you achieve this. You’ll become a professional photographer with your own story to tell.
  • Have you completed MBO at level 4 or higher? And do you want to continue with digital media? If so, you can choose the Associate degree Design Digital Media at HKU to become a creative and enterprising designer of media products with impact.
  • Design for Social Change is an English-taught minor. You’ll learn to design solutions to problems facing society, such as poverty, inequality, the lack of clean drinking water, climate change and waste.


All students at HKU Media are taught in the Oudenoord building, which offers a range of workspaces, from modern editing studios to screenprinting workshops. Read more about the facilities.