Projects - Research and Innovation

This page presents the projects that are developed by HKU' s innovation programmes and research groups. The projects are socially relevant, respond to developments in the creative profession or lead to innovation of the (arts) education.

<span>What we are creating</span>

Art ≈ Research

Art ≈ Research is the main platform for research within the arts. Furthermore, it is the think tank for art professorships within the public debate about the value and appreciation of art. The platform also contributes knowledge and practical support to developments of PhD tracks in the arts.

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SuNSE – Support Network for Social Entrepeneurs

SuNSE is a project that supports social entrepreneurship in regions that are subject to economic contraction. By combining various support models, this European project is creating self-sustaining networks for entrepreneurs. HKU contributes by investigating how this ideal can become reality for the people involved, with the help of our experience with interaction design.

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What we have created

Below you see an overview of several of our finished projects.