The story of HKU

Education that’s a unique combination of art, media, new technology and entrepreneurship: that’s HKU in a nutshell. With over 4000 students, we’re one of the largest art universities in Europe.

The art of HKU: New practices, new solutions   

Through art, we contribute to innovation – in established and emerging professional practices, in the creative industry and in the cultural sector. This is reflected in our slogan: ‘The art of HKU: new practices, new solutions’.
The world is changing rapidly. We believe that collaboration between art disciplines and between art and other domains contributes to innovation. It also increases our ability to adapt in times of social change. For over 30 years, this belief has inspired our major contribution to innovating the professional creative sector and our response to topical social issues.

Creative makership is key

We prepare students for a future where they create value through their talent for making, their professionalism and their autonomous way of thinking. Creative makership is one of our core values. Making, learning and investigating all come together in our education and research, with an important focus on the use of innovative technology. This is reflected in our education content and in the way we create courses and set up facilities. We believe that our knowledge and expertise in creativity, making and designing continually enables us to enhance and accelerate innovative processes in society.

The learning organisation

The current situation makes huge demands on the organisation of a university of applied sciences. To keep pace with changes and respond to them in a significant way, the universities themselves have to be able to adapt . So in recent years, the focus has been on setting up an organisation that is continually dynamic. The key concept here is ‘the learning organisation’. The HKU Academic Plan 2019 – 2024 formed the guideline for 2019. Students, staff and stakeholders from HKU and elsewhere worked together on drawing up this plan, addressing important themes for HKU in the coming years.

Find out more by reading the Academic Plan 2019 - 2024.

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