Social Safety

HKU wants to offer a safe environment, where students and staff treat each other with respect and can study and work in a comfortable and productive working and learning environment.

We work intensively on this and has our never-ending and permanent attention.

Professional behavioural standards are crucial for this. We consider (sexual) intimidation, aggression and violence, racism, and bullying as incompatible with these standards and therefore unacceptable. HKU has a Code of Conduct which we continuously express and train our staff in.

The Code of Conduct is part of the HKU policy with regard to social safety. HKU takes any report of transgressive behaviour very seriously. Students and staff can turn to their supervisor, any of the four internal confidential counsellors, or the external confidential counsellor. They are the main person of contact for anyone who has (had) to deal with undesirable behaviour.

We bring this to the attention via, among others, the intranet and posters in all bathroom areas.

Students can also turn to the tutor or student deans, who can further refer to the right person if necessary. We are also working with increased efforts towards a more diverse and inclusive academy.

Available help

An environment where students and staff can be themselves and find room for personal development while studying and working is important to us. Sometimes this means that additional help is required. For this reason, we have created an overview of the available help at HKU, which can be found on the portals.
HKU University of the Arts, together with the entire sector of arts education, actively promotes social safety and ascribes to the statement in which the sector collectively advocates a safer working and learning environment.