International at HKU

If you’re thinking of going abroad for a while during your studies, then HKU’s the place for you. But if you’d rather stay in the Netherlands, there are still plenty of opportunities to broaden your horizons.

International at HKU

The field of education and work for our students and graduates is far wider than Utrecht and the Netherlands. So it’s in everyone’s interests to maintain and expand the international perspective in our education and research.

We think it’s important that our students are future-ready, i.e. able to deal with change, innovation and complexity. HKU’s education has an international focus and enables you to develop the right international competencies, such as a capacity for change, creativity, inquisitiveness and an open mind.

From home or abroad

HKU maintains contact with partners all over the world, so we can continue to expand our horizons and retain access to talent, creativity and opportunities around the world. But this doesn’t mean you’ll have to go abroad. We give you the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience and to develop lasting relations either from home (internationlisation@home), or by going abroad.

Taking subjects, doing an internship or going on an excursion

Do you dream of doing an internship with a big fashion company in Paris? Or with an artist in Copenhagen? HKU students have a wide variety of opportunities to go to other countries. For example, you can spend a period abroad studying, doing an internship or going on an international excursion. Make your dream come true!


In recent years, HKU students have been scattered over 50 countries throughout the world. So the world’s your oyster. HKU also participates in Erasmus+, a European Union programme through which you can apply for funding to study or do an internship abroad.

Read more about Erasmus+

Internationalisation at Home

We also organise meetings with foreign students, artists and artists-in-residence in the Netherlands. And all today’s digital options make it possible to collaborate at distance. Each school has its own ways of bringing the world indoors. A few examples:
  • In the annual project Imagining Tomorrow, you work with students from foreign universities. And then you start working for external clients from outside HKU.
  • Every year, this school organises an international week. Alumni with careers abroad share their experiences with you.
  • Every second year, you create an intercultural performance at distance. You contact students from a foreign art academy through Skype.