Partnering with HKU

Is your organisation on the lookout for talented students, alumni or researchers? HKU offers a host of collaboration opportunities such as internships, projects and research. This page tells you more about partnering with HKU.
Partnering with HKU

Opportunities for collaboration

Internships, projects, research, refresher courses and more. HKU offers many exciting possibilities for partnerships with your organisation. Students at an early stage of their degree programme work with and for external clients, coming up with surprising ideas, concepts and solutions. Our students at HKU are enterprising and engaged – your organisation can benefit immensely from the talent that they have to offer.

Is your organisation grappling with a complex issue? HKU also provides opportunities to work with professionals, researchers, recent graduates, consultants and trainers. They help you to devise solutions to societal problems.

Courses, training and consultancy

Would you like to know more about entrepreneurship in the creative sector? Are you interested in offering a course? Or would you like to develop a training course for your cultural institution or company? HKU offers a wide range of courses, training and consultancy.

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Get HKU involved in your complex issue (Innovation Studio)

The Innovation Studio looks for creative solutions to social problems in collaboration with partners from outside the HKU. The idea is to use an artist’s lens to explore topics unrelated to the arts, such as education, health care and sustainability.

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Working with recent graduates (HKU X)

HKU X gives your organisation access to the design strengths of its recent graduates. These young creatives can help you devise answers to problems, develop change processes, accelerate innovations or offer a different perspective.

Read more about HKU X

Find the right person to contact at HKU

Do you have questions about collaborations (such as internships, vacancies and projects) that you would like to contact us about? Check the contact details for each HKU School and find the right person to get in touch with.

All contact details per school

The right contact person at each School

Please note: It’s important to send your question to the right contact person at each School. If an email is incorrectly addressed, it won’t be automatically forwarded. For more information, see the descriptions of the various HKU Schools.

For festival, competition or workshop organisers

Are you organising a festival, competition or workshop? Is this activity relevant for our HKU students? Then register the activity on this page. It will automatically get published on our student portal, where the student population can browse through at all the entries.

Which activities can you register?
  • Exhibition / fair
  • Festival / event
  • Competition / contest
  • Workshop / masterclass
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