NL Scholarship

The NL Scholarship (formerly known as Holland Scholarship) is aimed at stimulating talented international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to study in the Netherlands.

The NL Scholarship is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science together with Dutch Higher Education Institutions. It is available for applicants to the:

  • Master of Music, Performance
  • Master of Music, Music Design
  • MA programme Fine Art
  • MA programme Scenography

Scholarship amount

The scholarship amounts to € 5,000. You will receive this in the first year of your studies. This scholarship can be awarded in conjunction with the HKU Talent Grant (if you are eligible for this grant).

Download the NL Scholarship flyer

Application criteria

  • You do not have an European Economic Area (EEA) nationality (EEA = EU + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway).
  • Students from Switserland and Suriname cannot apply for the NL
  • Scholarship as they are eligible for the statutory tuition fee.
  • This also applies to non-EEA students who are eligible for the statutory tuition fees due to certain regulations.
  • You do not have a degree from an education institution in the Netherlands.
  • You are an excellent student.
  • At HKU University of the Arts Utrecht you must be in or starting the admission procedure for the HKU Master of Music, Master of Fine Art or Master Scenography.


The application can be submitted from mid November 2023.
All non-EEA students who have started or are starting the application procedure for the HKU Master of Music, Master of Fine Art or Master Scenography will receive an e-mail with a link to upload the NL Scholarship application form.

The deadline for application is 1 May 2024.

Download application form


  • The NL Scholarship is meant for excellent students.
  • Furthermore students must have a feasible and realistic financial plan for the entire study period at HKU.
The selection is made by the HKU School involved.
You will be informed about the result of the scholarship procedure after you receive your admission decision.

Residence Permit

As a non-EEA student you will have to apply for an entrance visa and residence permit. For this application you will have to proof you have sufficient funds to pay the total amount of tuition fee and your living costs.
Please be aware the NL Scholarship does not cover all the costs of your study period at HKU.

Read more about visa and residence permit