Do you value your further development and enrichment of your knowledge? Have you been working for several years and now feel the need to take the next step forward? Or perhaps you are not yet done studying after obtaining your bachelor’s degree. You can always consider taking a fulltime or parttime master’s course at HKU.

HKU has – as the only institution in the Netherlands – various creative masters. We believe that arts education can offer solutions for today’s great social challenges. Because it’s precisely the out-of-the-box thinking by creatives that can open new doors. As master student, you can therefore make a difference! A master’s course at HKU is mainly about customisation: students shape and largely direct their own course. The key aspect is connection: with fellow students, teachers, the professional field and other arts courses within HKU.

  • Fulltime or parttime;
  • One- or two-year practice-based master’s course;
  • The next step within your professional practice;
  • After finishing your course, you have obtained a master’s degree with the corresponding acknowledged and internationally accepted title, such as MA (Master of Arts), MofM (Master of Music), or MEd (Master of Education);
  • The level is equal to a university master (level 7).

Hbo master

At HKU, the master you take is of higher vocational (Dutch: hbo) level. The main difference between both levels is the type of research that you conduct. An hbo master is focused on the professional practice. In other words: you are always working on a practical question. With a master at a university, your research is instead focused on science and theory.

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