Applying for a Master’s programme

Do you already know which HKU Master’s programme you would like to study? The Master’s programmes start in September each year. Find out how to apply and also check out the general admission requirements.

Apply in three steps

  1. Apply through Studielink
  2. Submit your admissions assignment
  3. Complete your enrolment in Studielink
  • Here’s what you need to apply:

    • Your own DigiD*
    • Your personal information and contact details (such as name, address and telephone number)
    • Diplomas (this includes diplomas that will soon be awarded)

    *You need a DigiD in order to apply for an HKU degree programme through Studielink. If you don’t yet have a DigiD, go to for more information and to request your ID. Be sure to do this on time as it may take up to five working days to receive the login details.

  • Once you have applied through Studielink, you will be asked to submit an admissions assignment. Depending on the result, you may be invited to take part in the admissions procedure. We will send you an email with more information about this procedure.

  • Once you receive notification that you have been admitted, you will still need to officially enrol at HKU. You do this by completing your enrolment in Studielink and arranging payment authorisation for the tuition fee.

    Read more about enrolment

    Congratulations! - You're coming to study at HKU!

    Once you are officially enrolled, HKU will issue you with a student ID card and proof of enrolment. Don't forget to apply for Dutch student financing through Studielink or directly through the DUO webiste.

General admission requirements for Master’s programmes

Find out here about the general admission requirements for our Master’s programmes. You can find the specific admission requirements for individual programmes on the Master’s programme web pages.

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All programmes at HKU are taught in Dutch, unless otherwise stated.
Students who have completed their prior education outside the Netherlands or Flanders must meet language requirements before enrolling.

Find out more

Get in contact with the Student Affairs Service Desk. They will help you with questions about (almost) everything that has to do with studying at HKU.