Falk Hübner: Common Ground

Postdoc researcher Falk Hübner is leading the project Common Ground. Practice, philosophy and ethics of research. The project is developing a framework for different research methodologies within HKU and elsewhere. Hübner is also designing a methodological model that can act as a reference point for artistic research.

Postdoc research project Common Ground

Falk Hübner is leading the two-year postdoc research project Common Ground. Practice, philosophy and ethics of research. The starting point of the project is formed by the various research methodologies used in existing research at HKU. Based on this existing diversity and his own experience in the field of art and research, Hübner is developing a shared framework and a design model that can be used in artistic research. The model can be used in a variety of ways by other researchers, students (Master’s, Bachelor’s and PhD) and research supervisors. The link between research in practice and research in education is built into the model. Falk Hübner (like Arja Veerman) is thus fulfilling an important role in HKU’s research of the future

Goal: creating a shared vision

We want to improve the quality of research in the arts. In doing so, it is important to approach the design of research in a way that benefits researchers and facilitates their process, as well as lending transparency to this process of designing and conducting research. The goal of the project is therefore explicitly not to combine different approaches into a single research methodology, but rather to create a shared vision of the design of research methodologies. In doing so, we are striving for high quality in research processes, results and impact.

The research project Common Ground consists of four overlapping phases:
  • Creating a conceptual, ethical and philosophical framework
  • Developing the methodological model
  • Sharing and disseminating knowledge
  • Embedding in HKU research

Approach to the research

The research is conducted in various ways, including:
  • Discussions and interviews
  • Observation
  • Theoretical reflection
  • Input from the education and supervision practice of postdoc Falk Hübner
  • Input from the artistic research practice of the postdoc in the projects In Touch by HKU researcher Marloeke van der Vlugt in collaboration with sociologist Carey Hewitt, and In Search of Stories by the Performative Creative Processes professorship.
  • Input from the Musal Professionalisation Workshop by the Art and Professionalisation professorship.

Although the postdoc is leading the process, he never works alone. Many people from HKU are involved in the project:

More information

To find out more about the postdoc project Common Ground, get in touch with Falk Hübner.
Email: falk.hubner@hku.nl
Website: hubnerfalk.com/commonground