Book and Typography

This workshop specializes in typographic experiment and design. We also research all aspects of the book.

What is the Book and Typography Workshop?

The Book and Typography workshop specializes in typographic research and experiment, making use of tools such as Letterpress and Indesign. This is also the workshop with expert knowledge on book design and bookbinding techniques. During this process we examine all aspects and qualities of the book.

The workshop has a range of printing presses and an extensive collection of wooden and lead letters. We also have a laser cutter to cut or engrave your own typographic design which you can then print on the press. This is how we make the cross-over between traditional craft and new technology.

Where can you find the Book and Typography Workshop?

The workshop is located at Oudenoord (room 0.49). The Print Workshop is next door to us. When you want to make (print & bind) a publication we recommend that you first visit both workshops and seek advice. This will give you insight into the various options and the best way to proceed.

What are the possibilities at the Book and Typography Workshop?

You will find all the tools you need to make your publication. You can crease, drill, staple, sew, punch and cut in the workshop. Besides this we have four printing presses and a large collection of wooden and lead letters. If you wish to make your own typographic design or experiment with paper for your publication there is a laser cutter available.

What can I do in the Book and Typography Workshop?

You can experiment, research, inspire, learn and discover in the Book and Typography Workshop. Whether you’ve got a typographic assignment or wish to freely experiment with letters and text, you can use and try out a diverse range of techniques to broaden your knowledge and skills. If you wish to learn how to make a book or if you have a specific assignment to make an almanac, photobook or magazine, come and explore which binding-method is the best match for your concept and content.

Our team is here to help, answer questions, explain options or just to have a chat and exchange thoughts on your project.