PRINT workshop

This workshop offers all the expertise needed for printing publications, editions and unique works of art. It is like a candy store where you can taste a wide variety of materials and techniques.

What is the PRINT workshop?

This is the workshop within HKU where you can go for very high-quality prints. In addition to the variety of superior printing techniques and related products, you can come here to play and experiment with more than 100 material types.

Where can I find the PRINT workshop?

You will find this at the Oudenoord location. In addition, various printing options are also available at the HKU locations IBB-laan (Mediatheek) and the Pastoe Factory (Lab Pastoe). Apart from these workshops, every HKU location has the possibility to use the general, simple printers (‘multifunctionals’), which are spread throughout all buildings.

What are the possibilities in the PRINT workshop?

Here you can laser print, inkjet print, flatbed print, print white and transparant, apply gold and silver foil and finally cut or trim your prints. In terms of materials, you can think of a beautiful collection of paper types, from white to colored and black, thin to heavy, smooth to textured, various recycled paper types (for example; wool, jeans or agricultural waste), water and grease repellent material, various sticker types, non-tearable material, magnetic material, re-stickable material, different types of transparent material, materials with a different front than back. In addition, it is possible to take lots of things with you to print, such as wood, glass, stone, tiles, objects and more.

What can I do in the PRINT workshop?

In the PRINT workshop you come to experiment, play, research, design and create. The importance and influence of the carrier on your image, the combination of materials, the further processing of your print and all associated possibilities and impossibilities play an important role. Items commonly produced here include: publications, postcards and business cards, stickers, packaging, posters, photos, illustrations, wallpaper, graphic expressions, renders, and more. The employees of the PRINT workshop are always there for you if you have any questions about the possibilities, or just to discuss your project.