Paper Silkscreen

In this workspace, you can learn silkscreen printing. We print primarily on paper and card, but we can also help you print on other materials.

About the Paper Silscreen workspace

In this workspace, you can do silkscreen printing. With this technique, you print with ink, using a silk screen. We have a RISO (Risograph) that you can use, too. You can always ask for help with your silkscreen printing assignments. We can also advise you on how to transform your ideas into reality.

Silkscreen Printing course

To work in this workspace, you have to have attended a silkscreen printing course, after which you can work by yourself. This course teaches you how to prepare your screenprints in Photoshop, for example.


We (screen) print primarily on paper and card, but it is also possible to print on wood, glass and metal. You can even combine materials. In this workspace, we have all kinds of inks for you to use. From basic inks to fluorescent inks.

You can take a look at some of what we make on our instagramaccount (hku_screenprint_riso).

You find the Paper Silkscreen workspace at location Oudenoord.