Plaster / Ceramics

Would you like to model, sculpt and glaze? You can do all this at the Plaster/Ceramics workspace. Here, you can give your creativity free rein, using clay and plaster.

About Plaster / Ceramics

You can use the Plaster / Ceramics workspace for all clay and plaster work, such as modelling, making casting moulds, sculpting and glazing. HKU has two plaster/ceramics workspace, one at IBB-laan and the other at Pastoe Fabriek. See below for the facilities the two workspaces offer.

NB: it's best not to wear new clothes, as you will certainly get dirty working with clay and plaster!

  • You can learn all about clay and plaster in this workspace. Our staff are ready to help you with your project or piece of work. You can make moulds or sculpt and cast ceramics.

  • You can also work with clay and plaster in this workshop. In addition, you can cast with concrete and plastics at the Pastoe Factory. Our employees are happy to help you with your choice of material or explain certain devices. They teach you how to make a good mould, cast body parts or how a turntable works.

    Ceramics Rooms

    You can do lots of things with clay in the Pastoe Fabriek ceramics room: modelling, casting, glazing and much more. You can also make use of the tools such as the clay roller and the potter's wheels.

    Plaster room

    In this room, you can work with various other materials, such as concrete, silicones and wax. And you can make all kinds of mould, such as concrete moulds for casting clay or silicone moulds.

    Spraying and chemicals booth

    In the spraying and chemicals booth, you can work with materials that require a paint spray and gas mask, such as spray painting, heavy sanding and polyester/epoxy mixing. That might sound intimidating, but our staff will be pleased to assist you.