About HKU Design

At HKU Design, you learn to become a designer who takes an inquisitive view of our continually changing world. Our courses will enable you to make our everyday reality that little bit better or more beautiful, in your own unique way.

HKU Design studies

HKU Design gives students a lot of freedom to shape their own studies, on the basis of fashion design, product design or spatial design. There’s plenty of scope for experimenting with materials, techniques, technologies and working methods. And for conveying your inquisitive view of the world through visual work. We challenge you to find your role as a maker, researcher or organiser. You discover your identity as a designer and find your own niche in a professional field that is multi-faceted and in a constant state of flux.
  • Studying at HKU Design in brief:
  • Develop as the designer of tomorrow
  • Become familiar with different design approaches
  • Work with a range of technologies, techniques, materials and visual media
  • Experiment in workplaces
  • Freedom to find your own way as a designer
  • At the heart of society
  • Individual work alternates with collaborations and working on projects with external parties
  • Research and creativity belong together


See which Design courses we offer here.
  • On the Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design course, you learn to become a designer who tells their own story about the meaning of fashion. Fashion is not just about clothes. It’s far more than that. Fashion is closely linked to what happens in society and the world. In your work on the Fashion Design course, you learn to make the connection between your interests, what you think and feel, and the spirit of the times.

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  • The four-year, full-time Product Design course is one of the pathways of the Bachelor of Design. On this course, you develop as a creatively thinking, investigative product designer. What is a ‘product’? That’s something you determine yourself, on the basis of your inquisitiveness and vision. During your studies, you discover what kind of designer you are and how you want to let your imagination speak. Will you turn into a maker or an awareness-raiser? Will you focus on usefulness, social contribution or beauty?

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  • The four-year, full-time Spatial Design course is one of the pathways of the Bachelor of Design. On the Spatial Design course, you develop as an investigative designer who wants to contribute to issues in our daily lives, by intervening in spaces and playing with the interaction between people and spaces. The ‘traditional’ world of architecture and spatial design is changing. During your studies, you discover what kind of designer you are and how you want to let your imagination speak.

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  • On the two-year Master of Interior Architecture (HKU MIA) course, you learn to become an interior architect. Along with users of a space, you look for suitable and innovative design solutions. You learn how to work in a creative, communicative and investigative way and you find your own position in the professional field. Would you like to be able to build on spaces that ‘have an effect’?

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  • On this two-year higher professional education course, you learn how to visually interpret other people’s designs. As a Visual Connector, you form the link between spatial designers, clients and users. Do you have imagination and an affinity with spatial issues? Then find out whether the Design Connected Spaces associate degree is right for you. Will you become a connector of the future in the world of spatial design?

    Read more about the Associate degree Design Connected Spaces

  • Maybe you’d like to take a Bachelor’s degree in art (at HKU Design, HKU Fine Art, HKU Media or HKU Games and Interaction, for example), but you’re not sure yet which pathway to take. To discover what suits you best, you can enrol for our Broad Foundation Course. On this part-time course, you explore the various pathways and disciplines, and find out what you like best and which HKU course you’d like to take.

    Read more about the Broad Foundation Course.

The people of HKU Design

Here you can find all the lecturers who teach at HKU Design. To contact them, it’s useful to know that the e-mail addresses of all the HKU lecturers and staff are:
  • Marinda Verhoeven-Spek
    E-mail: marinda.verhoeven-spek@hku.nl

    • Ad Connected Spaces - Natalie Lange [natalie.lange@hku.nl]
    • Fashion Design - Nannet van der Kleijn [nannet.vanderkleijn@hku.nl]
    • Product Design - Marcel Alberts [marcel.alberts@hku.nl] and Ingrid Schuffelers [ingrid.schuffelers@hku.nl]
    • Spatial Design - Natalie Lange [natalie.lange@hku.nl]
    • Master Interior Architecture - Arlette Kerkhof [arlette.kerkhof@hku.nl]

    Tutors Design

    • Ad Connected Spaces - Kiko Luijten [kiko.luijten@hku.nl]
    • Fashion Design - Stephanie Mariën [stephanie.marien@hku.nl]
    • Product Design - Francisca Barten [francisca.barten@hku.nl]
    • Spatial Design year 2 and 3 - Dorien Bruijns [dorien.bruijns@hku.nl]
    • Spatial Design year 1 and 4 - Nina van Lavieren [nina.vanlavieren@hku.nl]
    • Master Interior Architecture - Joanne Zwart [joanne.zwart@hku.nl]

    Lecturers Ad Connected Spaces

    • Friso Booij
    • Lucy van Dorst
    • Arjan Karssen
    • Kiko Luijten
    • Marcel Ponjée
    • Astrid Ritskes
    • Sterre Troostheide
    • Esther Wiegert

    Lecturers Spatial Design

    • Dorien Bruijns
    • Rob van Dam
    • Esther van Damme
    • Koen Doodeman
    • Leon Giesen
    • Sarah Gunti
    • Jeroen Marseille
    • Wim Marseille
    • Paula Molenaar
    • Marcel Ponjée
    • Wouter van Riet Paap
    • Simon Wijrdeman

    Lecturers Fashion Design

    • Yasmina Ajbilou
    • Karel Bakker
    • Mona Dekker
    • Irene Ennen
    • Wim Ewals
    • Conny Groenewegen
    • Annette Heinen
    • Anke Jongejan
    • Iztok Klancar
    • Janne Kromhout
    • Stéphanie Mariën
    • Chantal Spit
    • Bibi Straatman
    • Jeroen Teunissen
    • Marina van Tuikwerd
    • Gerrit Uittenbogaard

    Lecturers Product Design

    • Marcel Alberts
    • Maxime Ansiau
    • Francisca Barten
    • Stijn Bisscheroux
    • Natalie van den Bovenkamp
    • Daniël de Bruin
    • Imara Felkers
    • Heidi de Gier
    • Kelvin Godee
    • Sarah Gunti
    • Paul Hohner
    • Tonnie Jobse
    • Kirsten Kentler
    • Valerie van Leersum
    • Yvanka Linders
    • Guido Ooms
    • Pepijn van de Port
    • Ingrid Schuffelers
    • Jesse Visser

    Lecturers Bachelor Design

    • Renée Boute
    • Roland van Dierendonck
    • Temo Gonzalez Moreno
    • Ferdy Guliker
    • Kas Houthuijs
    • Tonnie Jobse
    • Sanne Karssenberg
    • Janne Kromhout
    • Paula Molenaar
    • Pepijn van de Port
    • Shay Raviv
    • Karin Vlug
    • Charlotte Wagemaker

    Lecturers Master Interior Architecture

    • Joost de Beij
    • Bobby de Graaf
    • Alex Groot Jebbink
    • Arlette Kerkhof
    • Tanja van der Laan
    • Roy Letterlé
    • Irene Müller
    • Rolf Reichardt
    • Tom van de Wetering
    • Lies Willers
    • Bob Witman
    • Joanne Zwart