Location IBB-laan

IBB-laan is the location for designers, game developers and composers. Here, you will find all the technologies and other facilities to allow you to give your own creativity free rein.

Contact and opening hours

Visiting adress

Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan 50
3582 VA Utrecht
Telephone: 030-2091909

Opening hours of building

Mon – Thu 08.30 - 22.30 hrs and Fri 08.30 - 18.00 hrs


How to get to location IBB-laan
  • Both during the week and at weekends, from Utrecht Centraal Station you can take the U-link bus number 41 (destination Wijk bij Duurstede) or number 6 (destination Galgenwaard) to Rubenslaan.

    From the Rubenslaan stop, walk back in the direction from which the bus came. At the traffic lights, cross the road and carry straight on into Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan. HKU's IBB-laan location is around 100 metres further up, on the right.

    The number 8 bus (destination Wilhelminapark) also stops by the Diakonessenziekenhuis hospital (within walking distance of 50 IBB-laan). Alternatively, it is a roughly 15-minute walk from Vaartsche Rijn station.

    Check the U-OV website for current timetables.
  • There is paid parking around IBB-laan. If there is no space, then you can use the Galgenwaard car park.


At IBB-laan you can attend courses at the various schools: HKU Design, HKU Games and HKU Music and Technology. HKU X and the Innovation Studio are also situated here.

  • The HKU Design school trains you to be a designer who views our continuously changing world with curiosity, so you will soon be able to make our everyday experience that bit better or more beautiful.

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  • You've already guessed it: At HKU Games, games are the focal point. You design primarily interaction with people through games, websites and mobile telephones. There is a rapidly-growing demand for game designers and an ever-increasing need for specialist designers who can collaborate with other disciplines.

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  • At HKU Music and Technology, there are three recurring themes: music, sound and technology. 'Music' refers to the (artistic) meaning of sound. 'Sound' focuses on designing that sound. And, in 'technology', you study the systems you can use for designing sound.

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  • HKU X gives you the room to develop as a creative entrepreneur. You continue working on your idea, participating in relevant workshops and activities. You share a professional workplace and you can make use of the surrounding workshops.

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  • The Innovation Studio seeks creative solutions for societal problems, together with external partners. The objective is to explore from an artistic viewpoint issues that have little to do with art, such as education, healthcare and sustainability.

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Lucrative Dumpster Dives (LDD)

As with the locations Oudenoord and Pastoe Fabriek, at IBB-laan you will find Lucrative Dumpster Dives (LDDs), where you can pick up, deposit and exchange materials for creative and sustainable reuse. Not only students, but also lecturers are permitted to use the LDDs.

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