Woodwork workspace

Explore all the aspects of woodworking in the woodwork workspace, from sawing and turning to planing, drilling and milling. Anything is possible!

About the Woodwork workspace

Various locations

HKU has three woodwork workspaces: at IBB-laan, Oudenoord and Pastoe Fabriek. The various tools offer plenty of possibilities for working with wood. Our staff will be pleased to give you tips on how best to execute your project or piece of work and where you can buy the necessary materials.

  • The IBB-laan woodwork workshop is equipped with all the woodworking machines you need to make anything. First-year Product Design students, for example, made a wooden children's bicycle here. Our staff are often, themselves, at work in the workspace. They will be glad to show you materials with which you are not yet familiar.

  • You can work on your project at the Oudenoord woodwork workspace. Here, too, the possibilities are endless. If you are not yet sure exactly how you want to execute your project or how to tackle it, then we will be pleased to assist you.

  • At the Pastoe Fabriek workspace you can saw, turn, plane, drill and mill wood. If you have never done it before, it doesn't matter; our staff will be glad to help you. In addition to the woodwork workspace there is also a metalwork workspace. You can devise your own combinations and work with various materials at the same time.