Do you want to experiment with various technologies and state-of-the art equipment and technology in relation to art, creativity and performance? Step inside a Blackbox at HKU!

What is a Blackbox?

A Blackbox is a darkened workshop for creative technology and performative media. You'll find a wide variety of facilities, knowledge and tools to quickly move from creative concept to feasible experiment. Use sensors, data, light, sound and projection as a medium for real-time interactive mixed media projects.

Where can I find a Blackbox?

Blackboxes are available at HKU locations Oudenoord, IBB-laan, Janskerkhof and the Pastoe Factory, each with their own specific facilities in terms of knowledge and materials. Would you like to use a Blackbox at a different location? No problem! HKU students can use the Blackbox at any location.

What are the possibilities in a Blackbox?

In the Blackbox you can experiment, research, design and create. You can work with innovative technologies, such as virtual reality, motion capture technology, projection mapping, green screen video recordings with controlled light, spatial audio, interaction with sensors and theater lighting. Here you research and test the interaction between your work and the visitor.

What can I do in a Blackbox?

The Blackbox has room for both individual research or experimentation, seminars and curriculum-related (group) activities. There are also opportunities to work without supervision after an introduction. The Blackbox staff are always available if you have questions about the possibilities, or just to spar about your project.