Music studios

Music and Technology students can work in the HKU music studios.

About the Music studios

You will find the music studios of HKU on the location IBB-laan. The studios are available for students of Music and Technology.

There are four edit rooms, four studios and four edit suites that you can use. You will find professional equipment there, which you can use for a broad range of recording sessions. You can record vocals, bands or large ensembles, for example. Also, you can produce, mix and master.

There are edit rooms and studios for different purposes, for example:

  • Post production (of audio for media productions)
  • Foley (the recording of sound effects for media productions)
  • Recording bands and ensembles
  • Recording vocalists and voice-overs in a vocal booth
  • Mixing (with and without outboard gear)
  • Editing sound and music in edit suites
  • Production with analogue synthesizers
  • Working with multi channel spatial sound (sound installations with multiple speakers)