Performance & Technology

There is a lot involved in a performance. Light, sound and image. Technology you may never have worked with. The Performance Technology workspace will help you with all your questions about technology. This is how you make your performance a success!

About the workspace

Performance technology is the workspace of the HKU Utrecht Conservatory. In addition to your main subject, it is important to work on your performance. How do you ensure that the technology surrounding your performance is perfectly arranged? We help you with that!

We are where you are

Perhaps you expect a specific room in a workspace, but the Performance Technology workspace is not. We are where you are. We help you with the technical aspects of your performance. For example, do you want to know what technology we have in-house? And what you can do with this? Or have you come up with an idea but you don't know how to realize it? We are happy to give you an instruction or think along about the implementation of your idea.

What materials do we have?

At the Mariaplaats we have various facilities that help you to achieve a professional performance:

  • A recording studio
  • An editing suite
  • Theater lighting in the halls
  • Sound equipment in the halls

Loan Desk

The Performance Technology workspace works together with the Loan Desk at Mariaplaats. Here you can borrow all kinds of materials that you need for your performance. For example:

  • materials for recording on location
  • various microphones
  • technology to use on stage, for example a loop station