The Photography workspace is at location Oudenoord. Students in all subjects can experiment here with photographic and film techniques. You can also develop or digitise your recordings here.

Photo studios

In HKU's photo studios, you can experiment with product and portrait photography. Are you more interested in film? No problem! You can also make films here.

About the photo studios

Create your own photographic works in HKU's photo studios. Experiment with portrait and product photography. And film footage. There are four studios: one big studio, one small studio space and two studios with a wide background.

We consider good equipment to be important. The photo studios are equipped with professional lamps and backdrops. You can borrow film cameras, tripods and other equipment.


If you want to experiment with analogue film or photography, then you can develop your own photographs in HKU's Darkroom.

About the Darkroom

If you like experimenting with analogue film or photography, then you need a darkroom for developing your own negatives and photographs. This is a lightproof room where you can work with photosensitive materials. You can develop black and white photographic films and print black and white photographs. Other forms of development and printing are also possible, such as photograms and pinhole filming.

Scan room

You can scan or digitise your photos and films in HKU's scan room.

About the scan room 

The scan room houses scanners with which you can digitise two-dimensional materials, such as drawings, magazines and fabrics. Other scanners can be used for scanning/digitising your film footage. There are various screens in the room, which you can use for checking the colour and coverage of photographic images so you know the scans are of a good quality.