About HKU Fine Art

The HKU School of Fine Art trains students to become visual artists and teachers who go on to play a leading role in the professional field with their concepts, initiatives and work.

HKU Fine Art

Do you have a wide-ranging interest in visual art and culture and are you eager to pass on this knowledge to others? Do you prefer a visual medium to process your impressions and would you like to learn more? If so, one of the programmes at the HKU School of Fine Art could be the one for you! HKU Fine Art trains students to become visual artists and teachers.

At HKU Fine Art, you’ll have ample space to develop your visual skills. You’ll learn how to communicate your engagement with the world through art.

The study courses

The people of HKU Fine Art

  • Sigrid van Willigen
  • Course leader BA Fine Art - Frank Koolen
    Course leader Fine Art and Design - Myrthe Nagtzaam
    Course leader MA Fine Art - Annette Krauss
    Course leader foundation courses - Andrew March

Contact and location

You can find HKU Fine Art at our location Pastoe Fabriek.


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