Fine Art and Design in Education - part-timeThe study

About the study

Fine Art and Design in Education- part-time
Mode of study:
Fine Art
Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education
2 years

Fine Art and Design in Education (part-time) in brief

  • Two-year part-time course as an art educator
  • Teaching qualification for all types of school
  • Enhance your pedagogical skills and theoretical understanding
  • Many teaching practice opportunities to gain practical experience
  • Classes are on Thursdays

How do you know Fine Art and Design in Education (part-time) is right for you?

This programme is right for you if you are creative, possess good social skills and you enjoy inspiring others to discover the world of art. You may take this programme if you have a degree in visual art or design, or if you are already working in art education or have another teaching qualification. We then assess whether you are eligible for a tailor-made programme.

This part-time programme is ideal if you are someone who improves their own work and creativity by challenging the creativity of others.

Why choose Fine Art and Design in Education (part-time) at HKU?

You will work continually on your pedagogical skills. We will give you the tools to inspire creativity in a wide range of environments, at all levels of secondary education as well as out-of-school education. The great thing about this programme is that you study mainly at home and in the evenings, allowing you to combine study with your current job.

You can also do the programme full-time. To find out more, check out the programmes page.

This programme is in Dutch only!

Please only apply if you are able to read and write Dutch. To see all details, please see the Dutch language version of this page.

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Fine Art and Design in Education - part-timeApplication and admission
Fine Art and Design in Education - part-time

Application and admission

Language requirement

The programme is only taught in Dutch. To be enrolled you must meet the Dutch language requirement. Find more information here.

Detailed information about requirements, application and admission, can only be found on the Dutch language version of this page.

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