Jeroen van Iterson

Director of the school Music & Technology and program leader of the research program Music Design.
Jeroen van Iterson started as a performing musician, touring extensively through Asia and Europe as keyboardist in the band of Hans Dulfer in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He has also been professionally active as a music producer and as a music technologist since the early 1990s, operating from his company Musictech. The focus of Musictech is on large scale, multidisciplinary music projects, both studio based (albums, special products, media production, print) as live (stadium concerts, events, music theater, club tours). Within these projects, he is generally responsible for coordinating production of content by a variety of disciplines and he advises on music design, system design and performance. His clients range from known dutch artists such as Kane, Anouk, Blof, Guus Meeuwis and Tiesto to companies such as Live Nation/Mojo, Stage Entertainment, Modestus, New Productions and Bose Europe.

He has been affiliated with HKU since 1995. He is director of the School of Music & Technology, program leader of the research program Music Design, and senior lecturer in music production. He is also guest lecturer on popular music and music production at a number of colleges of music both in the Netherlands and abroad, and a consultant on music production within higher education.

He holds a Master of Philosophy degree from Bournemouth University, having written his thesis on the topic of design strategies in decentralized music production. His main areas of interest are design strategies in music production, developments in music industry, interaction between technology and creativity, and interaction between organizational models and creativity. With his research he aims at developing effective models for the description of creative processes in music production, and managing creativity in complex, multidisciplinairy network organizations. He connects his educational, professional and research activities by applying his ideas in these various domains and thereby - using crossover and transformation between these domains - test and deepen them. Through the research program at HKU, (guest) lectures and presentations at other institutes, and publications in various professional journals (Video & Audio Report, Masterfiles) he has disseminated his views on music production.