Hans Timmermans

Hans Timmermans (MSc, MMus) works at HKU as a full-time lecturer and researcher.
Hans Timmermans (MSc, MMus) works at HKU as a full-time lecturer and researcher. Besides composing, he develops his own composition and production software cppTK and collaborates with visual artists, among others. He lectures mainly in electronic art music composition, C++, object-oriented music systems design and music software development. Recently, he has started setting up educational projects in secondary schools, which give music technology students experience in developing and implementing course-based education.
Alongside composing, Timmermans researches the relationship between creative processes and the tools/technology used for them (hardware and software). He also researches communicating with an audience through electronic art music and the perception of that audience. In the past, he built the audio component of MEDIATE, an interactive multimodal environment for children with a form of autism. He is particularly interested in algorithmic composition, granular synthesis and multichannel spatialisation.

His own compositional work and software development are an extension of his education, and in both areas he is facilitated and inspired by his research.
Hans has an international network comprising mainly fellow composers and researchers. He knows many international colleagues from the eight years he spent as a member of the board of the International Computer Music Association (ICMA).
In the recent past, he has done a lot of work with dance and choreography, so he is in contact with several major organisations and choreographers.
His publications are mainly compositions and articles about composition techniques, software development for composition, and education development for music technology. His compositions have been performed in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia and Portugal.


Educational development for music technology Music software development for composition, synthesis and signal processing Multichannel spatialisation techniques for concerts and installations. Granular synthesis. Analysis of complex sounds Algorithmic composition techniques for electronic music and electronic art music Gesture control and gesture generation using audio and visuals as sources. C++ and object-oriented design Composition of electronic art music, particularly for fixed media.