Travelogues with Prompts

M.C. Julie Yu

Het werk

The work centers on four narratives, a fictional story, a real-life incident, a set of looping conversations and a karaoke party, which were collected at different moments during M.C. Julie Yu’s stay in Europe. The works are set in relation to a tourist tent, which signifies a life in movement. As the viewer faces a dilemma—do they enter the tent or not?—, their wondering reveals the work’s core question: while constantly moving in-between worlds, how do we position ourselves in terms of belonging? The show will take place at bak Utrecht, from 30 Sep to 11 Oct 2020

Travelogues with Prompts

Informed by Yu’s personal experience as a migrant in the Netherlands, the work revolves around the confusion of finding oneself constantly moving between two very different but equally precarious situations—being othered by the dominant values of the host country, whilst feeling estranged from one’s hometown as a returnee. Taking the position of a tourist, Yu relates her personal reflections to the global trend of travel and migration.

Foto's: Chun Yao Lin and Alëna Vinokurova.

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