EM (electro magnetic)

Eefje van den Brink

Het werk

EM (electro magnetic) is een ritmische kinetische geluidsinstallatie gebaseerd op de vele toepassingen van een spoel.

Creëren onder mijn bed; een zoektocht naar het optimaliseren van de individuele werkplaats

Within this Supportive Narrative I research the link between the workspace of an artist and the process of creating an art installation within this space. The aspects of the workspace are examined in order to see what influence they have on the creative thinking process. I will then process this information into two tables, of which one will show the general correlations between workspace and creativity, and the other will show my personal experiences regarding workspace and creativity.
To help me answer all these questions, I have interviewed Felix Thorn (of Felix’s Machines), Dmitry Morozov (of ::vtol::) and Paul Tas (of Error Instruments) and I have studied their workspaces and processes.
This research has been inspired by my own recent difficulties regarding creativity in my workspace, which is located under my loft bed. The goal of this research is to gain more control over my own creative process, by learning about the influences my workplace has on my own creativity and how I can use this in my benefit.

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