Project Suru

Xiao Xin Zhu

Genomineerde HKU Award Artistieke Prestatie

Het Werk

My graduation work is not one specific project, but my portfolio with key projects from the past two years, combined with my support narrative together presents my graduation work as "me", myself. Here is a piece quote from the foreword of my support narrative.

“...the creating process makes me feel that I become the earth, the flowers on the branches in early spring, the cicadas chirping at night when I was a child and went back to the moment lying next to my mom; she was shaking her fan a little bit, the sounds of the fan, the sounds of my body rubbing against the straw mat. I have never really felt the brevity of life, but I have felt regret and missing, and these help me to be quieter and embrace my emotions then to create. Hearing myself, my previous life from my own work; yes, only at these moments that I feel I'm not limited. I want to create sounds, whether they’re just sounds, or with any other genres or live performance. The sounds of being embraced, the sounds of being missed, the sounds of lighting up the stars in people's hearts during the long night, in such a life that has no solution and cannot run away. They are soft and fragile fragments in a dream, the illumination slowly escapes outward from your palm. As I am writing this article, I don’t feel that time has been stolen from me but is quietly being with me.”

De Maker

Xiaoxin Zhu - MA of Music - Pathway Music Design