Wondermuziekkamer - bewerking van een Europese verzameling

Ion Kazantzidis & Dialoghi Trio: Dionysia Kazantzidi, Nefeli Alexouli en Sevastianos Motorinos

Wondermuziekkamer - bewerking van een Europese verzameling
Wondermuziekkamer is a unique collaboration between baroque music, live improvisation, electronic soundscape,
animatronics, animations and video art.
In the welcoming atmosphere of Tempel, Amsterdam on the 15th of April Dialoghi trio, Ion Kazantzidis and their team transform the stage into an imaginary Cabinet of Curiosities. In Wondermuziekkamer you are invited to reexamine European heritage.

The event is a contemporary adaptation of the Cabinet of Curiosities: in the baroque times, a wealthy sophisticated socialite would obsessively collect objects and exhibit them. These objects would grant the appearance of knowledge, social status and at the same time inspire awe in their peers.
In our adaptation the installation and the music narrate the story of the collection. We invite you to join our Wondermuziekkamer and re-imagine this story through the aesthetics, symbols and meaning of our contemporary view.

Directed by Dionysia Kazantzidi & Ion Kazantzidis
Live music by Dialoghi trio (Dionysia Kazantzidi, Nefeli Alexouli, Sevastianos Motorinos)
Animations and animatronics by Ion Kazantzidis
Video works by Ion Kazantzidis, La Uyi Ihasee & Petros Ioannidis
Electronic soundscape by Ascan Delarber
Cast: La Uyi Ihasee, Barros & Ion Kazantzidis

Supported by NORMA fund