The fool who planted the baked potatoes

Berber Struiksma

Berber Struiksma (Fashion Design, HKU Design) heeft met 'The fool who planted the baked potatoes' de HKU Prijs Gemeente Utrecht 2023 gewonnen.

Het werk

"Fashion is dependent on a body and its mobility, but how can fashion gain autonomy while still suggesting the body and its movements? Using recycled materials, video projection, criticism and humour, I create my own fairytale in which I can play with the autonomy of fashion. This strange fairytale is inhabited by characters inspired by the fairytales I found in second-hand books.

The fashion industry depends on a certain level of pretentiousness. But does it have to be that way, or is there an alternative? With my do-it-yourself ethos, I poke fun at the pretentiousness in the fashion industry and look for an alternative."

De maker