Lidewei Reitsma & Jonne Verheij

Nominee HKU Award Innovation

The work

The lead role in Interwoven is played by a bunch of fungi. Its electric activity is measured, as this fungus communicates within its own network via electrical pulses. This invisible language is translated into visual projections and sounds we can actually see and hear. In this way, it’s as if the fungus ‘speaks’ to the viewer.

When the fungus is touched, the effects can be seen in the projection and heard in the sound. In this way, the influence of the visitor is noticeable as they interact with the fungus. This installation touches upon the relation between humans and nature. Are people and nature separated too far? Or are we actually one? By bringing visitors eye to eye with a fungus, Lidewei and Jonne hope to offer a sense of connection with the fungus, and therefore with nature.