Artist in Residence Fine Art

Students of the HKU Fine Art are preparing for a life as an artist. But what does that professional practice look like? In order to get a better picture of this, a special project will start in college year 2021-2022: An artist in residence at the school.

Artist in Residence Fine Art

Artist in Residence

Within the curriculum of the HKU, the program wants to emphasize that 'thinking' must be guided by the adventure of 'making'. From this thought came the wish to see an inspiring professional, an artist at work on the floor. Someone who lets you share in his/her process, to whom you can ask questions and from whom you can learn in many ways, but who, unlike a regular teacher, is not responsible for assessment or examination.

A residency at the school

Every year from 2021, an artist will be invited to use a studio at the HKU Pastoefabriek for three days a week. Within this studio, the artist works on the development of his own visual work.

Keep an Eye Air Pastoe not only gives Fine Art students the opportunity to talk to professional artists about their work, but also to actually see them actively at work in the studio or workshop. The project will be concluded with an exhibition and a publication.

The selected artists have been announced: it is the duo Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen.
They will start working at the Pastoe factory from September.

For questions and more information, you can send an email to