Letterpress, Bookdesign and Typography

In this workspace, you can print and bind with various materials, such as linocuts and woodcuts on paper, fabric, plastic and card.

About Letterpress, Bookdesign en Typography

In HKU's Letterpress, Book Design & Typography Workspace, you can print and bind. We also have a laser cutter, which cuts material with a laser beam.


With high-pressure presses you can print letters, linocuts and woodcuts on paper, fabric, plastic and card. The workspace has a collection of printing inks and paper. You can also work with lead and wooden type.

Under supervision, you can produce typographical work. Not just by printing, but also using stamping, stencilling, punching and embossing techniques. We will be glad to help you.


You can bind with various materials in the workspace. With or without printing. A notebook or jotter, for example. Or a thick book with a hard cover. We hold workspace on binding techniques a couple of times a year, so you can improve your skills and gain experience.

This workspace is at HKU's location Oudenoord.