Tips for finding a room

There are organisations that can help you find a room. Register here promptly, because waiting times are long in Utrecht. And always look yourself, too.

Student accommodation

SSH rents out accommodation for students. SSH rooms are often in student residences. In addition to permanent housing, SSH also has temporary accommodation. These are rooms in apartments and flats due for demolition or renovation. The waiting time for temporary rooms is far shorter than for other SSH accommodation.

Social rental accommodation

WoningNet Regio Utrecht offers social housing in the Utrecht region and homes in the private sector. It is advisable to register immediately after your 18th birthday. Then you will already have built up some waiting time during your studies. It can take from three to ten years to get to the top of the waiting list. You can also register for SSH and WoningNet at a discount through SSH.

Combined sites

There are a lot of different sites where you can look for rooms. Some sites charge for registration. Sometimes you also have to pay intermediary's fees.

Social media

Make your social media work for you. Let people know you are looking for somewhere to live and look for announcements. There are a lot of groups on Facebook for people offering or looking for rooms, for example.

Intermediary agencies

There are plenty of intermediary agencies, estate agents and platforms for rooms. NB: they may charge.

Bureau Standing
Direct Wonen
Maxx Huren
Covers Housing
VGW Housing
Student Rooms Utrecht

Private landlords

Camelot Europe

Watch out for slum landlords and scammers

We can't guarantee the quality of these intermediary agencies and platforms. So always be alert for slum landlords or con artists before committing to anything. HKU does not accept any responsibility for these.