Utrecht is a great city to live in. But student accommodation is scarce, so start looking in plenty of time. Search in as many ways as possible at the same time and be creative. A lot of people find a room through friends or acquaintances.


Renting rooms

Start looking in plenty of time and do that in Utrecht, as far as possible. Search online, put up notices and register with housing organisations.

> See our tips for finding a room

Rental agreement and registering with the municipality

Once you have found a room, make sure you get a rental agreement. This has a number of advantages:
You can register with the municipality where you will be living. In Utrecht, you need to register with Loket Burgerzaken (Civil Affairs).

You are entitled to rent protection, so you can't be evicted without good reason, for example.
If you don't have a rental agreement, then you can't register with the municipality. NB: this can have implications for your study financing. For international students, this can have implications for your residence permit and your enrolment at HKU.

You will find useful information on rental agreements on the Rijksoverheid (central government) site. You can download a standard rental agreement at for example.

Registration for students from the Caribbean Netherlands

If you come from Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Maarten or Sint Eustatius and will be living in rented rooms in the Netherlands, you need to deregister from the PIVA (Personal Information Provision Netherlands Antilles and Aruba) population register. Bring your proof of deregistration with you to the Netherlands. You will need it to register with the municipality where you will be living.

> Read more about deregistering with PIVAs (in Dutch)

Free assistance with rental problems

If you have any doubts about the amount of your rent or the conditions of your rental agreement, then the Huurteam and Vidius can help you check these and discuss them with your landlord, free of charge. You may, for example, be able to get a refund of any excess rent paid.

Watch out for scammers

Not all landlords adhere to the regulations. Infamous slumlords in Utrecht are Betty Chang and Marcel van Hooijdonk. Read the Kamernet tips on how to recognise slumlords.

Are you dealing with a slumlord? Report them to the Meldpunt Huisjesmelkers (Slumlord Hotline). Huurteam and Vidius will also be able to help you.

Applying for housing benefit

Is your rent too high in proportion to your income? Then apply to the Tax Authority for housing benefit.

Room finder checklist

  • Are you living together with other tenants? Or are you living in a room in the landlord's house?
  • Can you easily get into your own room or do you first have to go through someone else's room?
  • Is there a kitchen?
  • Is there a decent toilet and bathroom?
  • Are gas, water and electricity included in the price? Or is that just the basic rent price?
  • Is the room worth the price? Use the legal points system (in Dutch) to calculate the maximum rent.
  • Make sure you see the room before paying any rent or deposit.
  • Always ask for a receipt when paying a security deposit or rent.
  • Never pay the rent for an entire rental period in a lump sum.
  • Ask whether you can register at that address with the municipality.