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pre-PhD-programme Future Methodologies
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The HKU pre-PhD programme focuses on making processes as a specific research methodology. The key programme is Future Methodologies, which is characterised by a clear narrative. We therefore select on the basis of projects that fit constructively with the research HKU is championing.

The pre-PhD programme in brief

  • For mid-career professionals with the ambition to contribute pro-actively to knowledge development
  • The Future Methodologies pre-PhD programme focuses on making processes as a specific research methodology
  • Developed and executed in collaboration with the Research in Creative Practices, Interactive Narrative Design, Art and Professionalisation and Performative Making Processes professorships
  • The programme has a duration of one year

Why the pre-PhD-programme?

HKU is keen to profile itself in the area of making processes. From this point of view, we aim to make a significant contribution to further developing the current debate on practice-based research. The pre-PhD programme therefore focuses on researching into working methods and methodologies. In addition, with the Future Methodologies narrative, our aim is to make a clear connection with not only the situation in practice but, in particular, the urgencies imposed on it in today's world. In our view, practice-based research should focus on developing different and, above all, future ways of thinking and imagining. This enables the researcher to present hitherto unimagined scenarios.

Is the pre-PhD programme something for you? 

You have an open and critical mindset. You recognise and acknowledge the importance of creativity and making processes in social improvement. You are eager to study and demonstrate how the making processes contribute. Does this sound like you? Then read on:
  • You have at least five to ten years of relevant work experience in creative practices
  • You have a minimum of a senior vocational education (hbo in Dutch) master's degree
  • You would like to develop yourself further in your professional practice
  • You have the ambition to contribute to political imagination
  • You are curious, critical and reflective
Pre-PhD programmeThe programme
Pre-PhD programme

The programme

In the first year, we offer monthly intensive seminar weeks. During this week, screenings, research presentations, guest lecture workshops, lecturer workshops, writing classes and tutorials are held. As a candidate, at the end of the first year you present a complete research proposal.
As a candidate, in the second part of the programme, in consultation with your supervisor and the programme leader, you focus on your individual PhD research and the related forms of presentation and dissemination.

Candidates Pre-PhD programme

We admit candidates to the programme annually. Enrolment always take place in consultation with a professorship.
    • Ariane Trümper
    • Anke Jongejan
    • Simona Kicurovska
    • Yotam Shibolet
    • Brian de Lint
    • Ninke Overbeek
    • Feri de Geus
    • Mirka Duijn
    • YiLing Hung
    • Sytze Schalk
    • Martijn Simons
    • Linda Valkeman
    • Lenno Verhoog
    • Marloeke van der Vlugt
    • Joris Weijdom
Pre-PhD programmeAgenda
Pre-PhD programme


Pre-PhD programmeCollaboration
Pre-PhD programme



We are developing and executing the HKU pre-PhD programme in consultation with four professorships within HKU:

  • Research in Creative Practices (concluded)
  • Interactive Narrative Design (concluded)
  • Art and Professionalisation
  • Performative Making Processes

Collaboration partners

We accommodate the selected research projects within the professorships, in order to achieve optimal institutional embedding. We also work with various local and international knowledge institutions:
  • University of Humanistic Studies
  • University of Utrecht
  • Basis voor Actuele Kunst (Basis for Contemporary Art)
  • European Artistic Research Network (EARN)
  • Uniarts Helsinki
  • University College London
  • Valand Academy (Gothenburg)
  • NIDA (PhD Summer School)

Programme leader

Since 2018, Henk Slager has been programme leader of the HKU Pre-PhD programme. From 2003 to 2008, he worked as Dean of the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design (MaHKU). From 2006 to 2014, Henk also worked as an Artistic Research lecturer. In that position, he focused primarily on the (international) debate on practice-based PhDs.

Over the past ten years, Henk Slager has made a leading contribution to the international debate on Artistic Research. In his role as Dean of the MaHKU, he has developed experimental, research-oriented educational programmes. As Professor, he has worked on publications (including MaHKUzine. Journal of Artistic Research) and presentations (such as Manifesta, Documenta and Tbilisi Triennale), which focus on the European situation for practice-based PhD research.

Find out more?

Contact the programme leader, Henk Slager via

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