AG | Something New, Something Borrowed

  • 16/11
  • 27/11
AG | Something New, Something Borrowed

Within their studies, the artists were given six months of freedom to autonomously explore their personal interests in relation to photography. In that period, they worked with strangers or went into nature to seek out useful material, and borrowed existing images to shape them into something new. The results of this process are now gathered together in an exhibition of which the themes and work methods are visibly different. The common foundation of their works is the research of photography’s own characteristics, in which they explicitly seek out the limitations of this medium. Examples are the combination of photographic images with textiles, biomaterials, moving images and sculpture elements. Something New, Something Borrowed offers a varied picture of what these young image creators are concerned with, as they strive to take the visitor on a journey of discovering their future artistry.

Sieske Geven, Demi Manders, Sam Michiels, Martha Olech, Tessa van Raalte, Siona Rijken, Eliza-Sophie Sekrève, Joey Streppel, Isabel van der Vlugt, Noor van der Wal, Chayren Zimmerman

Wednesday 16 November, 17.00

Opening times
17 November – 27 November
Wed – Sun 13:00 – 18:00