MOA Album Release Concert

Koen Boeijinga

MOA Album Release Concert
For the performance on May 24th, 2021, saxophonist and composer Koen Boeijinga extended his ensemble MOA with a ten-person gamelan orchestra, playing on traditional Javanese instruments. The recording of this concert in Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht has resulted in MOA’s debut album: Koen Boeijinga’s MOA feat. Gamelan Orchestra Live at Tivoli Vredenburg.

Through eight different acts, each characterized by a unique symbol, MOA presents an eclectic and compelling performance in which primitive and modern ethics are merged. Combining eastern gamelan with western instruments creates an innovative harmony of sound, as folk music is united with improvising and MOA's attitude of exploration. Live at Tivoli Vredenburg is a celebration of global sounds, communal interplay and freedom. A dynamic voyage through strong emotions brought to life by a full force of musicians, instruments and sounds.

About the release concert
MOA celebrates the release with an exciting and colorful program, in which songs from the album as well as new compositions will be performed. The beautiful hall of Stadsklooster Utrecht will be enchanted by their wide range of surprising instruments and sounds. MOA connects the old withthe modern, where the group is inspired by nature, culture and ancient ritual music styles. Expect a dynamic journey through powerful emotions, characterized by improvisation, freedom and powerful interplay.

Koen Boeijinga: saxophones, wind instruments
Elsa van der Linden: tenor saxophone
Lucas Kloosterboer: trombone
Max Boeijinga: guitar
Pau Sola Masafrets: cello
Albert van Veenendaal: piano, organ
Dion Nijland: double bass
Mees Siderius: drums, percussion