AI Lab: Artist in Residence Cyanne van den Houten

AI Lab: Artist in Residence Cyanne van den Houten
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Cyanne van den Houten is Artist in Residence at the AI Lab at Oudenoord during May and June. During this lunch session they will introduce their work.

As founder of art-meets-tech collective Telemagic, Cyanne's work explores the similarities between magic and technology. With a big focus on demystifying the mysteries around new technologies by hacking. They aim to bridge the gap between the peoples understanding of (generative) AI and the actual working with a critical approach from queer feminist perspective.

They do this by making interactive installations like: concerts where AI is leading, games about queer representation in AI models and algorithmically powered horoscope machines that predict your digital future. They have been busy with AI-related projects the last years, and developed some strategies and methods along the way for blending these technologies with artistic expression.

Their research in the HKU will focus on discovering, mapping and sharing knowledge on new AI tools and developing methodologies for creative co-creation, which they will share through interactive tutorials on

Cyanne is also actively involved in AI-research projects outside the HKU like 'chance.operator' (incorporating chance based interventions to expose biases embedded in retrained AI models to give insight in ethical concerns) and organising hackathons and programs for self organised art-space .zip.

After this lunch lecture and during the 2 month residency you can walk in 0.50 to see Cyanne’s work in 0.50 that will soon turn into a visually distinct AI playground. Students are invited to come by for seeking feedback or coaching for their projects by appointment!