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HKU Music and Technology combines creativity with technological insight. You learn about everything to do with music, media and technology. The fields you can work in include composition, performance, music production and music technology,

HKU Music and Technology

At HKU Music and Technology, there are three recurring themes: music, sound and technology. 'Music' refers to the (artistic) meaning of sound. 'Sound' focuses on designing that sound. And in 'technology', you study the systems you can use for designing sound.

Choose your own pathway

As a student, you can explore this area in numerous ways. One pathway concentrates more on music, while another focuses on system design. It's good to know that they overlap. And that we feel it's important for you to be open to having a look at everything. So, in the first year, you will be taught subjects that touch on 'music', 'sound' and 'technology' in various ways.

That enables you to choose your own, unique, path through the course. Naturally, you can always enrol and graduate in a particular pathway. But you also have to option of switching halfway or combining various aspects (in consultation with the staff). With the broad profile of HKU Music and Technology, it's not only the music world where you will be in demand. You can also work in:

  • Games
  • Theatre
  • Advertising
  • Film and television

Perhaps later on, you will find yourself working in an entirely different sector, such as care, education or business.

Open Day

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HKU Music and Technology students can make use of the music studios at the IBB-laan location.
Here, you will find four professional studios, where you can experiment with music and sound.

Contact and Location

You can find HKU Music and Technology at our IBB-laan location.


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