About HKU Music and Technology

At HKU Music and Technology, you explore new ways of working with music, sound and technology. Each of our graduation paths are a mix of these three elements. Do you desire to experiment, while developing your own artistic vision? Then we are looking for you!
• How can you give someone the sense of experiencing a sunset by using only sound?
• How can you use technology to transform an interactive sound environment into an escape room?
• How can you mix rhythms from various musical cultures into catchy beats for a streaming platform?
• How to use music to tell personal stories, from your own life experience and culture, that can initiate change in society?
• How can you use sound to determine the experience of a festival, waiting room, museum hall or online multiplayer videogame?
• How do you train an AI to compose film music?
• How to cooperate with others while expressing your own musical culture and respect the input of others?

These questions are typical for Music & Technology. We distinguish ourselves with our broad perspective, innovative forms of cooperation and a strong link to the broader society. With us, you work from an investigative and creative attitude, with new applications of music, sound and technology. Each graduation path puts its own emphasis on a specific aspect. After a broad first year, you gradually follow your own way. You develop a personal vision on the profession, through which you position yourself in the world.

We are looking for you when you are curious about everything related to music, sound and technology, want to express yourself through this, and do daring musical things. We see the input of your personal character and life experiences as an enrichment. Our ambition as a school is to not tie ourselves to specific genres, styles, musical cultures or perspectives.

Practical aspects

Music & Technology teaches you to adopt a broad perspective and make your own personal choices. In result, you will gain a unique vision and have a broad overview of the professional field. This makes you employable all across the professional field – and elsewhere. Many directions are open to you, with a high chance of employment. Nearly all our graduates find a fitting job within several years. An estimated 75 percent is employed within the professional sector, with another 20 percent working in adjacent sectors.

Examples of future employment:

• at a recording studio;
• at a theatre stage or behind the screens;
• at a games studio;
• at concert venues or stages;
• as an audio expert for movies and tv;
• at a streaming platform;
• in a hardware/software lab;
• in a coder space;
• at the audio research & development department of a large company;
• at a medical centre, as an expert in the field of sound experience among a certain healthcare target group;
• as alternative beat and sample creator;
• as platform builder who unites DJs from various cultural origins;
• as app designer.


The unique personal vision you develop at Music & Technology is reflected by the very diverse jobs that our former graduates have today. Just to name a few of the alumni from Music & Technology:

Torre Florim - De Staat | Teun de Kruif - Tantu Beats | Larisha Bacha - Roselilah | Salvador Breed - Salvador Breed | Tim van Es - Handsome Poets | Pablo Rindt - Maddix | Kai Hugo - Palmbomen | Irene Cassarini - Guenter Råler | Marloes Polman - The Artillery | Joep Sporck - Joep Sporck | Jorrit Kleijnen - Jorrit Kleijnen | Tarik Barri - Tarik Barri | Joep Vermolen - Joep Vermolen | Tim Scheek - Sonos | Janne Spijkervet - Janne Spijkervet | Bastiaan van Bentum - Guerilla Games | Lucas van Tol - Guerilla Games | Hugo Verweij - Apple | Vito Willems - Vito Willems | Nick Verstand - Nick Verstand | Vidjay Beerepoot - Vidjay Beerepoot | Jan van Wieringen - Caro Emerald | Jochem Weierink - Jochem Weierink | Friso Keune - Friso Keune | Thomas Elbers - Kypski | Matties Grooten - Manglemoose | Beau Schaepman - BeauDamian | Joep Smeele - Sick Individuals | Rinze Hofstee - Sick Individuals | Fieke van den Hurk - Dear World Studio | Nick van Kleef - Guerilla Games | Adrien L'Honoré Naber - Adrien L'Honoré Naber | Stan Koch - Stan Koch | Vincent Beijer - Project SAM | Ad van Dongen - Big Orange | Jos Jansen - Big Orange | Vincent de Koning - Big Orange | Arjen van der Schoot - Audio Ease Altiverb | Wouter van der Zouwe - Yipp | Wouter Verbiest - Yipp | Thomas Koopmans - Hedge

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HKU Music and Technology students can make use of the music studios at the IBB-laan location.
Here, you will find four professional studios, where you can experiment with music and sound.

The people of HKU Music and Technology

Below you can see who the course leaders are at HKU Music & Technology? Would you like to contact them? All our teachers and staff members have the following email address: firstname.lastname@hku.nl

  • Jeroen van Iterson
  • Jorrit Tamminga
    Ferdinand Boland
    Sander Huiberts

Contact and Location

You can find HKU Music and Technology at our IBB-laan location.


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