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Composition and Music Production

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Bachelor of Music
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Music and Technology
Bachelor of Music
4 years

Welkom to Composition and Music Production

Composition and Music Production is one of the pathways of the HKU Music and Technology's Bachelor of Music degree course. During your studies you will learn to compose and produce. Your musical skills and knowledge of music production will constantly improve. You will discover the musical possibilities of technology and how to make optimal use of them. You will also learn everything about production processes, research and development, collaboration, reporting, publishing and presenting.

There is more to composition and production than just creating tracks and songs in the studio. Anywhere that recording technology plays a role in the music world there are opportunities for you.

What do you do as a Composer/Music Producer?

  • You make and produce albums within a unique rock concept, which you then take to big festivals.
  • You make and remix dance tracks, with which you perform and which gain an online status.
  • You collect artists who write music 'in their bedrooms' and, with them, produce an EP that instantly elevates their work to a higher level.
As a HKU student, you work with professional, up-to-date hardware and software, using high-end sound studios. During your studies, you get to know external clients from the professional field and work together on concerts or productions in various stages. That way, you learn about the professional field and what interests you most.

Composition and Music Production in brief

  • Studying to be a professional composer and producer
  • Part of the Bachelor of Music course
  • Discover and apply the musical possibilities of technology
  • Lecturers from the professional field and lots of practical projects
  • Broad professional field, so plenty of opportunities

When is Composition and Music Production really something for you?

This course is really suited to you if you would like to learn about composition and a music production. With your feel for sound and music, you will have to room to learn and experiment a lot during your studies. You will learn from lecturers and clients, but also in practice by attending concerts, for example. You enjoy doing all this with others.

This programme is in Dutch only!

Please only apply if you are able to read and write Dutch. To see all details, please see the Dutch language version of this page.

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Composition and Music ProductionApplication and Admission
Composition and Music Production

Application and Admission

Language requirement

The programme is only taught in Dutch. To be enrolled you must meet the Dutch language requirement. Find more information here.

Detailed information about requirements, application and admission, can only be found on the Dutch language version of this page.

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