Tuition fee and finances

The amount of your tuition fee depends on your personal situation. Read more on this page or calculate your tuition fee with the Tuition Fee Calculator.

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Calculate your tuition fee for 2024-2025 with the Tuition Fee Calculator.

Tuition fee 2024-2025
The statutory tuition fee for the academic year 2024-2025 is set at 2.530,- euro. The institution tuition fees can be found in the Tuition Fee Calculator.

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Tuition Fee Calculator:

Tuition fees

There are two types of tuition fees: the statutory and institution tuition fee. The government decides per year what the sum of the statutory fee is. Based on this fee, HKU determines the institution tuition fees.

Depending on your situation, you pay the statutory or institution tuition fee. The department for Academic and Student Affairs shall establish which rate applies to you based on available information.

Extra Costs

On this page you find an indication of how much a student from abroad will need per month to cover the costs of living. Costs can vary greatly based on personal choices.

Average living expenses

Expense Explanation Costs per month
Accommodation varies greatly € 400 - € 650
Living expenses Food, clothing, personal services, etc € 350 - € 450
Insurance Health, personal liability, etc. € 40 - € 100

You will also need to purchase a bicycle (approx. € 100 for a second-hand one) for local transportation. Read more about transportation.

Each course brings certain costs for materials. The following is an indication per school.

  • The study costs on top of the tuition fee are about € 1.400 per year. This can vary per course and is also partly determined by yourself. If you choose excursions abroad and expensive materials, this is bound to raise the costs.

    A laptop or computer is essential.

  • At HKU Utrechts Conservatorium, in addition to your tuition fee you will pay out about € 250 per year for sheet music, literature and readers. The costs can vary for each main subject and a lot will depend on your own interests. Apart from this amount, you should take into account costs for insurance, concert tickets, concert outfits, and maintenance and renewal of your instrument.

    A laptop or computer is essential.

  • At HKU Media, HKU Games and HKU Music and Technology the study costs over and above the tuition fee vary between € 500 and € 1.000 per year (books, readers, memory cards, third party insurance). Purchase costs of optional personal equipment are around € 1.350.

    A laptop or computer is essential.

  • A laptop or computer is essential.