About HKU Theatre

From theatre maker to theatre writer and from actor to drama lecturer, HKU Theatre offers plenty of options. HKU Theatre is the best place to explore, study and experience various disciplines in the field of theatre.

About HKU Theatre

What do all courses within HKU Theatre have in common? They take an innovative approach to theatre! They are involved in all the developments in the theatre world.

Do you have something to say to the world and do you like to push the boundaries of theatre? Then one of the HKU Theatre courses is for you. During your studies, you work together on projects with students from other courses and there is plenty of room for your own development and research. HKU Theatre has a total of around 350 students and around 80 (guest) lecturers. This makes it a small-scale, versatile theatre school.


HKU Theatre has various professional workspaces where you can work independently or jointly. At the Janskerkhof site, for example, you will find:
  • The Perofrmative Media workspace is a multifunctional dark space for performance art. Here, you can work with theatre lighting, motion capture cameras, green screen video recordings and interaction with sensors.
  • In the large and small auditoria of the Akademietheater, theatre makers produce and programme performances. Lessons are given here, too. For students, it is a theatre workshop where you can meet makers, actors and audience members. Fun fact: performances at the Akademietheater are often free of charge to students!
  • You can study here. A digital laboratory has been set up for Interactive Performance Design students and there is a writing workspace for students on the Writing course.
  • This is where to go for advice on costume and makeup, but also where you can take out clothing, accessories and sewing machines on loan.

The people of HKU Theatre

    • Sabine Dehne - Course leader Acting
    • Sabine Veenendaal - Course leader Theatre in Education and Interactive Performance Design
    • Mathijs Verboom - Course leader Writing for Performanc
    • Charlotte Poos - Course leader Theatre Design
    • Henny Dörr - Course leader Master Scenography

What can you expect?

We train our students to be professionals, so they can easily enter the work field. What can you, as a student, expect from us?

  • We offer a thoroughly professional training. You learn to master your own technique and style.
  • From the basis of your own discipline, you forge links with others. During seminars, for example, and, in the third year, during interdisciplinary projects.

  • We collaborate with theatre groups and (secondary) schools. We also work with cultural and (art) educational institutions, such as Utrecht Centre of the Arts (UCK), Theater Kikker, Het Huis Utrecht and DOX.
  • We offer the opportunity to do foreign internships, participate in international networks and benefit from a varied stable of lecturers.
  • You learn to adopt a flexible, enterprising attitude through project learning and the enterprise learning line.

Contact and location

You can find HKU Theatre at our location Janskerkhof.


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