Costume and Makeup / Costume Loan

Art academy students often need materials. Some materials you really have to buy, but you can easily borrow clothing and accessories from the Costume Loan in Janskerkhof. This is also where the Costume / Makeup workspace is situated.

About the workspace

If you need advice on costumes and makeup during your studies, then the Costume and Makeup workspace is the place to go. Our staff will be glad to help you. You can also make your own costumes here.

Costume Loan

You don't have to make your own costumes, though. Maybe you don't have the time. Then you can borrow clothing and accessories from the Costume Loan.

Are you studying at HKU Theatre? Then you can also come to the Costume Loan for:

  • Makeup kits
  • Dressmakers' dummies
  • Irons
  • Sewing machines

The Costume / Makeup workshop is at Janskerkhof.