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HKU Games revolves around games as an art form. Games are the most complex, engaging and modern type of art of today. One that can only exist by the presence of a player. Games also hold a huge power to initiate change and a strong impact on individuals, industries and society.

HKU Games

The courses at HKU Games are the only ones in the Netherlands that are embedded in an arts academy. This is noticeable in the educational form, that is based on the traditional creation processes and human-centred design methods, or player-centred design. This process is aimed at the experience, at evoking emotions and stimulating reflection.

HKU Games teaches you how to design games. You can choose to focus on gameplay design, on the interactive visuals or the actual programming of games. At our school, you have lots of space to try out and experiment, while you learn by doing. You get maximum freedom to follow your own personal route and discover and develop your specific talents. For this purpose, your work with professional game engines and the latest development software. The eventual goal is to create games that strike a chord, whether they are arthouse, indie, AAA or applied games. Everything’s allowed at HKU Games, as long as they are meaningful and relevant.

Links with the professional field

The bachelor’s studies of HKU Games have a strong reputation in the industry, where we are closely tied to. For example, our teachers are also working as designers in the creative industries. And our students and alumni work on projects for companies such as Guerrilla Games, Vertigo Games, CoolGames, Naughty Dog, &Ranj, Sokpop, Nixxes, Unity, Ubisoft, CD projekt RED, Capcom, Epic Games, Paladin Studios and Marvel Studios.

But you might as well work with the National Museum, a TV broadcaster, the government, cultural institutions or other non-profit organisations.

We value cooperation

The demand for game designers is rapidly increasing. And so is the demand for specialist designers that are able to work together with other fields. The creation of a game involves many different professional disciplines. That’s why we let you work in teams a lot, learning how you can work together to achieve the best results.

HKU Games works closely with other educational institutions for purposes of education and research, such as Utrecht University. We also have regular contact with international organisations for education and science, among others, in Switzerland, India, South-Korea and Japan. The games industry is a very international sector. Therefore, we stimulate our students to go abroad for an internship or minor studies. Or to work on projects with students from other countries.


HKU Games is at the cradle of the Dutch games industry. In the early 1990s, HKU was the first institution in the world that offered a fulltime programme for Interaction Design, from which our current fulltime game programmes have developed over the decades. Since then, HKU has brought forth thousands of graduated designers of interactive experiences. Many of them found a place, or created their place, in the Dutch games industry.

Our education is innovative and inspiring. It is not limited to basic skills such as programming, visual design, game design and organisational skills; students also get internship experience and are trained in the business aspects of the work field. Naturally, technological developments are also addressed, as we train you how to quickly adopt new technologies. Finally, we also teach you how to work independently and remain in control. This ensures that you will become a flexible professional in a quickly changing field of work.



We think it’s important to have access to good material. So all the HKU locations have professional workshops, where students can work under the supervision of an assistant.

The people of HKU Games

Below you see all the course leaders of HKU Games. Would you like to get in touch? The standard email addresses of all teachers and staff is: firstname.fulllastname@hku.nl
  • Viktor Wijnen
  • Richard van Tol
    Karen Groeneveld
    Ramon Verberne
    Niels Keetels

Contact and location

You can find HKU Games at our location IBB-laan.


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