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Games, apps and social media are changing our society; not only what we do in our free time, but also how we communicate, learn and work together. So there’s a huge demand for digital products. You can learn how to create those products at HKU Games!

HKU Games

Yes – you’ve guessed it! This Bachelor’s degree revolves around games and interaction. Your designs will involve mainly interaction with people through games, websites and mobile phones. Demand for games and interaction designers is increasing fast. There’s also a growing need for specialist designers who can collaborate with other disciplines.

Links with the professional field

The Bachelor’s courses at HKU Games have made quite a name for themselves in the professional field. And we think it’s important to be in close contact with the field. So our lecturers also work as designers in the creative industry and our students work on projects for companies like:
  • Guerilla Games
  • CoolGames
  • Philips
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Ronimo Games
  • Zylom
  • Media Republic

You might also get an assignment from a festival like Lowlands, or from:
  • A broadcasting corporation
  • The government
  • A cultural institution
  • A non-profit organisation

These organisations are in line with the social approach taken by the courses at HKU Games. Students learn to reflect critically on games and interaction, and their role in our society.

Collaboration is important

In the areas of education and research, HKU Games collaborates closely with Utrecht University. We’re also in contact with educational and research organisations abroad – in the United States, England, Scandinavia and Japan, for example. We encourage students to study or do an internship abroad. They also work on projects with international students.


We think it’s important to have access to good material. So all the HKU locations have professional workshops, where students can work under the supervision of a member of staff.

Contact and location

You can find HKU Games at our location IBB-laan.


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