About HKU Art and Economics

Students of Art and Economics are the future, as they combine business insight with creative skills. You think like an artist, but also know how to organise and realise a project. On graduating from a course at HKU Art and Economics, you are an explorer, designer and visualiser of the future.

About HKU Art and Economics

People who think openly and creatively are in great demand, especially if they can also transform their ideas into new solutions and business opportunities. As a HKU Art and Economics graduate, you learn how to use your creativity in a businesslike and socially engaged way. You’re trained to become a creative entrepreneur and to hold management positions in the cultural and creative sector.

During your studies, you get straight to work in practice: learning by doing. We place high value on your personal development, focusing on who you are, what you can do and what you want. There’s also plenty of scope for carving out your own study pathway.


Besides a Bachelor’s course, HKU Art and Economics also offers minors and a Master’s course. See the options below.

Student association ART FUTURE UTRECHT (AFU)

AFU is the HKU Art and Economics student association. AFU forms a link between all the study years and enriches your student life on both an education al and a social level. AFU organises extra coaching, cultural activities, lectures and get-togethers.

Read more about the student association (in Dutch)

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You can find HKU Art and Economics at our location Oudenoord.


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