Keep an Eye AIR Pastoe

The Keep an Eye Foundation supports young and promising talent in the fields of art and design. With AIR (Artist in Residence) Pastoe, Keep An Eye Pastoe offers Fine Art students the chance to talk to professional artists about their work, and see how they work in their studios.
Keep an Eye AIR Pastoe
Students of HKU Fine Art prepare themselves for an artist’s life. But what does that professional practice look like? To get a better picture of this, the academic year 2021-2022 started a remarkable project: an artist in residence at the school.

Within the academy’s curriculum, HKU wants to emphasise that the ‘thinking’ must be directed by the adventure of ‘making’. From this idea came the desire to have an inspiring professional artist who is visibly working at the school premises. Someone who makes you part and witness of their creative process, answers your questions and teaches you in multiple ways while, in contrast to the regular teachers, they are not responsible for your assessment or examination.

A residency at the School

Since 2021, an artist is invited every year to work in an art studio at HKU Pastoe for three days per week. In this art studio, the artist in residence works on the development of their own artistic creations.
Keep An Eye Pastoe offers not only the opportunity for Fine Art students to talk with professional artists about their work, but to actually see them in action at their art studio or workplace. The project is concluded with an exposition and a publication.

Multimedia artist Ana Navas is the Artist in Residence in the academic year 2023-2024. In Navas’s work, concepts such as transformation, assimilation and appropriation are important. Her presentations often consist of installations in which paintings, objects, assemblies and video footage function as domains in which transformation and assilimilation occurs. On Friday 17 May 2024, she held an exposition in AG as conclusion to her residency period. In this exhibition, she combined her own work with those of third- and fourth-year students.

Earlier, HKU alumnus Ricardo van Eyk had his residency in the academic year 2022-2023 at Pastoe. He was preceded by the duo Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen in academic year 2021-2022).