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The Keep an Eye Foundation supports young and promising talent in the fields of art and design. Graduates can get support from the Keep an Eye Stipend and their collaboration with Air Pastoe, both in practical and financial terms.

Photography Stipendium

The Keep an Eye Photography Stipendium is meant to support graduates practising the medium of photography right after their graduation and offers them a financial boost. The stipend thereby contributes to their profiling as maker / starting artist and enables the recently graduated to find their place (under guidance) in the practical field of their matching professional sector.

The winners receive a sum of €10,000.-, of wich €2,500.- is reserved for coaching. Students from the courses of Photography and Fine Art are eligible for the stipend, with the requirement that photography is an integral part of their graduation work.

Awards Stipendium 2022

Stipendium Awards 2022

The winners of the Keep an Eye Stipendium 2022 are Lola Beekhuijzen, Mandy Nijhoff and Noah van de Wetering. They received their prize during the awards ceremony on Friday 1 July.

The jury of 2022 consisted of Roy Cremers (founder of crowd funding platform Voordekunst), Mariama Attah (editor and curator photography) en Sêma Bekirovic (artist). They were impressed by the works of the winners. The jury called the works of Lola Beekhuijzen 'unexpected'. 'Lola showed us how rich photography and the image cultare can be. In her performance she enables the audience to look behind the scenes and experience how images get manipulated. We were also impressed by her future ambitions to work with dancers and explore portable technologies. In this way, she keeps exploring the borders to discover how flexible the interpretation of photography can be.'

On the work of Mandy Nijhof the jury commented: 'Mandy took us along the very personal and difficult subject of sexual abuse in her childhood. In doing so, she applies photography to create context while using other art forms in a creative and unexpected way to fill in the blank spots for which photography is unsuitable. We look forward to see how her creative language will further develop and enable Mandy to keep going forward.'

'Noah clearly has a grip on his process and a strongly developed feeling for aesthetics', concluded the jury. 'His abstract way of photography is both traditional as conceptual. In his publication however, he reflects on thoughts and emotions that arise during the creative process. This adds a more personal dimension to the formal side of his work. The vulnerability Noah shows in his publication, radiates courage and further enhances the persuasive power of his work.'

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Keep an Eye & HKUAir Pastoe
Keep an Eye & HKU

Air (Artist In Residence) Pastoe

Students of HKU Fine Art prepare themselves for an artist’s life. But what does the professional practice look like? To get a better picture of what this means, the academic year 2021-2022 will see the start of a remarkable project: an artist in residence at the School.

Within the academy’s curriculum, HKU wants to emphasise that the ‘thinking’ must be directed by the adventure of ‘making’. From this idea came the desire to have an inspiring professional artist who is visibly working at the school premises. Someone who makes you a part and witness of their creative process, answer your questions and teaches you in multiple ways while, in contrast to the regular lecturers, they are not responsible for assessing and grading you.

A residency at the School

From 2021 onwards, an artist is invited every year to work in an art studio at HKU Pastoe Factory for a period of three days. In this art studio, the artist in residence works on the development of their own fine art.
Keep An Eye Pastoe offers not only the opportunity for Fine Art students to talk with professional artists about their work, but to actually see them in action at their art studio or workplace. The project is concluded with an exposition and a publication.

The selected artists have been announced: they are the duo Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen. They will be working at Pastoe Fabriek from September onwards.

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