Keep an Eye HKU Photography Stipend

The Keep an Eye Foundation supports young and promising talent in the fields of art and design. Graduates can get support from the Keep an Eye Stipend and their collaboration with Air Pastoe, both in practical and financial terms.

Keep an Eye HKU Photography Stipend

Photography Stipend

The Keep an Eye Photography Stipend is meant to support graduates practising the medium of photography right after their graduation and offers them a financial boost. The stipend thereby contributes to their profiling as maker / starting artist and enables the recently graduated to find their place (under guidance) in the practical field of their matching professional sector.

The winners receive a sum of €10,000.-, of wich €2,500.- is reserved for coaching. Students from the courses of Photography and Fine Art are eligible for the stipend, with the requirement that photography is an integral part of their graduation work.

Awards Stipend 2023

For the fourth time, the Keep an Eye Photography Stipendium was awarded to three HKU graduates. During the festive ceremony on Friday 30 June 2023 at HKU location Oudenoord, the prize was handed out to Bhakti Bienemann, Yeshua Tjie-A-Loi and Milo Poelman.
The jury, consisting of Iris Sikking (curator photography and working at Fotomuseum Den Haag), Isabelle van Hemert (image editor at Dutch news platform De Correspondent) and Jaya Pelupessy (visual artist and HKU alumnus Photography) focused on two questions while reviewing the works: were they impressed by the plan, and were they impressed by the work? And in the cases of Bhakti, Yeshua and Milo, they were.

The jury’s statement: 'We hope that these three graduates will keep pushing on and manage to organise themselves in the coming year, under the guidance of coaches, in such as way that they will dare to go deeper, strengthen their position as creators and further develop themselves artistically. In short: surprise us!’

Winners of 2020, 2021 en 2022